Complete Faction List of The Counterbalance Series
I thought I would give you guys an update!

1) Book Two of my Counterbalance series is making excellent progress lately.

2) The Skeleton Eye is my main standalone novel WIP, and it too went well during my first month. After my mothers birthday, I am alternating between Counterbalance and this book. I intend on a full, complete first draft of this novel by the end of 2018. That is the hope!

So today, I thought I'd give you guys a full Faction list for the Counterbalance series. These are just brief overviews. I am going through all of my detailed examples and editing them, soon to be added to the 5$ tier.


The Bale Empire – Dominant power on Harloph. Its war with the Selpvian Dominion of Klassos has brought it to its knees, forcing a military coup that conspires to unleash the Counterbalance. 

The Selpvian Dominion – Largest power of Klassos. Five long years of war with its greatest rival Bawsor has bled both forces dry after the Dominion’s alleged assassination of Empress Adriena. 

Kingdom of Beiridge – A destroyed kingdom of Klassos that sided with the Empire during the first years of the war. 

The Whisperers – Espionage organization in the Whisper Isles off the east coast of Harloph. Origin unknown.  

The Pharos Order – Religious “survivors” of New Valia, founded after their namesake. Long-term allies with the Empire. Made up of three major factions set in the Sepulcher, Bawsor and the Kahal. 

The Barta League – A series of neutral trading cities in the east of Harloph. Prior to the Great War, they enjoyed a lucrative and profitable alliance with both Bawsor and the Dominion. 

Faxia – A mountainous tribal people in Western Harloph. Their trade is volcanic glass, unique to Harloph. A poor but barbaric land, Faxians have never been conquered by an invading power. 

Voyava- The remains of New Valia, where old traces of Valian magic remain. Voyava is known for its religious prophets who can see into the world, called “Oracles”. A pacifist people, but capable of mustering great power.  

The Keidan-  A religious, feared sect in Harloph, rumoured to be the last pure Valian settlers. They take on acolytes for training, many of whom are converted to the faith of their goddess. 

Uslor – Once part of the Bale Empire, it is now an independent power fraught with internal fighting and brutal barons. 

Kahal – In the centre of Harloph, a rich and populous land torn by internal strife and the Order’s violent occupation. Victim of several major wars, including the Voyavan prophet Telijin and the seat of Pharos priest Archon Kramer. 

Skyini - A multitude of clans living in relative comfort east of Yurn, sandwiched between Kahal and the Gaolian Mountains. Powerful and dangerous, they command a large professional army despite their tribal status, and have evaded servitude to Bawsor. 

Vence – A protectorate of Bawsor, they enjoy relative autonomy, but keep up tax payments to the Empire in exchange for protection. Keeps a control over the old lands of the Empire where it was forced to withdraw from overextension. Depends heavily upon the Stewards of the South for military support. 

The Harbonlands – A strip of territory hotly disputed between Bawsor, the Pharos Order and Kahal, a mesh of villages, towns and strongholds where fighting is rife for control of the rich lands. 

The Keepers of Yurn – A Pharos financed organisation that safe keeps the battered ruins of Sirquol, the last resting place of New Valia. Peaceful and religious designed to guard the legacy of Pharos, who saved the world during the Chaos

Tarantown – Pilgrim city, home to the heritage site where Harloph men and Valia signed the “Bloroc Pact” to defend themselves. 

Irene – Poorest nation of Harloph and the birthplace of Tyir. Centuries of war and famine makes this a harsh place, with many tribes trying to emigrate north leading to much bloodshed with the Keepers, Kahal and Skyini. 

The Dustons – Originally one of the Great Houses, they were exiled during the War of Mercer’s Folly. 

The Ironhearts – Originally a Beridgian mercenary company, they join Bawsor diplomat Lance Ironheart following the death of their leader Gollet Longspear

Pyra – The “Bow and Sail”, a small coastal nation to the far west of Klassos. The finest archers in the known world, made of the mystical stelwood tree. 

The Thousand Scars – A mercenary/terrorist organisation founded by Tyir of Irene. Arch enemies of the Pharos Order.