Complex 10 - dev. build 7
--- dev. build 7 - 9/10/16 ---
 Dev. build 7 available.
 You can try the new build, many progress on Vaygr side, Hiigaran are untouched, many Vaygr ships jumped in and a lot of bug have been fixed.
 So the Vaygr now are at 70-80%, everything works well, and you can take a look at them in this build.
 Not perfect yet, AI is not working, because we need to import all ships before starting with the AI, so still play Hiigaran VS Hiigaran, I'm forced to postpone the completion of Vaygr to 9/20, I'm sure you can wait for the best quality.
 From now to build 8 we will start to import our Vaygr fresh new models, also I will work intensively on AI and balancing, the objective is to have the Vaygr fully playable in build 8 so we can start to play, test, and lead the game to the perfection.

 As always, thank you very much, Complex goes ahead!
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