Complex 11 - dev. build 16
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After our first public release (now Complex 10.5.4), available in Steam and constantly updated, this build opens the way for Complex 11 and introduces the Taiidan; a very first step, but you can already try the modular logic and many new features that make the Taiidan playable in the Complex environment.
The whole game, the Hiigaran and Vaygr, are constantly updated with new features.
The project evolves, so thanks to everyone is with us, we're going to make the most perfect space RTS ever!

This build:
-adds the Taiidan as playable race, with modular logic and weapon customization, unit available: mothership, scout, light corvette, assault frigate, destroyer, research ship (new concept), utility ship (new model), resource collector, salvage collector (new model), resource controller
All generic modules are available plus 2 weapon modules (kinetic and ion);
The research is available.
-Power core for the Hiigaran, unit that provides energy for the fleet and can rebuild the Mothership.
-Shockwave remote weapon for Hiigaran.
-New phisic for Capital Ships explosions, nearby ships now are affected by shockwaves so they tumble and are pushed away, engines are disabled for a few seconds.
-Icon/UI size has been reduced and converted to .dds so the game save a lot of memory for the battles.
-Fighters/corvettes/frigates wrecks stay less on screen after the ship explodes, better performance.
-FXs, script updating rate have been lowered a bit, better performance in general.
-Unit capacity completely rivisited with new UI screen for it, based on the races.
-AI now handles the weapon customization, the CPU understand what it needs and build it, improvements on AI in general.
-New command for attacking surrounding special units like patchers., and patchers are more easy to kill now.
-The critical bug  "subsystem built in queue" has been fixed so no "more general failure error"
-Of course tons of improvements, balancing and bug fixing.