Complex Action Actual Play Launches Aug. 21st
So it's finally about to happen! I've been talking about it for a long time. I had a series of world building episodes getting people pumped up for the show. I started a campaign to get people to help me create the world by submitting their own NPCs, Organizations, and Locations. I even commissioned some awesome art for the characters of the show (which I haven't spread around enough). 

In fact, I've probably OVER-hyped it. Heh. 

But that doesn't matter anymore, because the launch of the Actual Play is near, and I am going to be forced to live up to all that hype and create a show that we all enjoy listening to and playing. 

So, in this week leading up to the launch of our first episode, I wanted to remind everyone about a couple of things as I get the last-minute preparations underway.

NPC / Organization / Location Submissions

The deadline for submissions for having your very own custom-created NPC / Organization / Location put into our game world is August 21st. If you haven't done this yet... well you should do it! 

Do I Qualify to Submit One of These?

In order to qualify to submit your very own NPC to be a character somewhere in the dystopian world of Columbia, South Carolina 2078, then you need to be a patron at the $2 level or higher. 

If you want to qualify to submit a full-blown organization (gang, policlub, store front, etc..) or a Location (public park, astral rift, etc...) then you need to be a patron at the $5 level or higher. 

I Already Qualify, How Do I Submit?

You'll need to scroll back through the posts I've made. On May 13 I made a post which gave a link to the submission form and a password for accessing that form. You can only see this post if you are a $2 or higher patron. The link will direct you to a "Under Construction" page, but there is a password field at the bottom. Enter the password and you'll be able to access the form. 

I will eventually put everyone's stuff into the game. Your submissions will feature in some way in the episodes. It may take a while. I've gotten a good number of submissions.

Cast Parties

So this is something I'm pretty excited about! Toward the end of every month I am going to host a live-stream podcast episode I'm calling our "Cast Party". It'll be an episode where me and any cast members that are available will join in and chit-chat with each other about the show. We'll answer questions from fans and generally just talk about what's been going on in the show up to that point. 

You should definitely attend these if you are able. We'll be talking about the behind-the-scenes stuff, giving insight on characters and thought processes, and generally giving each other a hard time. 

The first of these will be toward the end of September. I've decided to skip August since we will only have had one episode released by the end of this month. 

Patron Rewards

So I've updated the patron rewards to include a couple of rewards that have to do with the Actual Play. 

At the $2 Level

Every month I am going to put some of my GM Notes up on the Patreon feed. This could be notes that I've taken for planning an entire run. This could be NPCs that I've created. It could be write-ups of gangs. Anything. I'll do my best to make it interesting. Patrons at the $2 level and higher will get access to these. 

At the $5 Level

I really want to try something cool with this actual play... We'll see how it goes. Every once in a while I am going to give patrons the opportunity to decide the direction that the story goes. This will take place in the form of a poll that I will put up on the Patreon feed. This could be questions like, "Which player will have a major plot reveal?" or "Which gang will cause the team trouble?" Patrons at the $5 level and higher will be able to participate in these votes.


I'm really looking forward to running this game and sharing it with you guys. I hope you enjoy and I can't wait!