The Complexities of Social Union

I don't want you to think that I hold a hardcore anti-interracial relationship stance, because I actually do not. I generally don't think about the topic much as I don't consider it "my fight" necessarily and tend to only address it in my work when certain Quoran members ask me those questions directly as an A2A. I do believe in the concept of a happy interracial union as an abstract, general principle. Friends and people I genuinely adore and admire in my life who happen to be in interracial relationships (or used to be) aren't on my activist "shit list" or whatever because of it, nor would I ever attack them or try to make them feel bad because of their choices. I don't believe in being in other people's business like that either.

As an anti-racism activist, my issues with interracial relationships come from two areas:

1.) The fact that liberalism has used the interracial relationship concept as a "social progress" agenda bullet is 100% retarded to me. It's incredibly irresponsible, and has a great deal to do with helping to split up the Black family — the union of which is a primary tool in fighting back anti-Black systemic racism and enabling the American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS) to survive and endure through the worst eras in American history. Programming our kids with the idea that 'bagging' a spouse from a rival race is "progress" is a clear psychological attack... how could it be otherwise? Since liberal leadership could have easily attacked miscegenation laws without going through that extreme, it means it was of course an attack against the ADOS community to present it in that specific way.

2.) The continuous propaganda of the White Supremacist Ideology that upholds European EVERYTHING as the standard of everything wonderful in the universe — an indoctrination that is manifested in its ultimate form by their ridiculous depiction of the Christ Jesus, son of Mary (peace be upon him!) as a white man! — means it's nigh-impossible for any Black person to escape the baggage that comes from being continuously downloaded with "white is right!" brainwashing. It's blatant, it's subtle, its casual, and it's omnipresent in this society. ALWAYS. That fact will always taint our concepts of "love" in that area, and in this particular societal model under a white racist aristocracy structure, any interracial relationship functions as a lop-sided power dynamic. The exact same kind of lop-sided power dynamic that makes teacher/student, manager/direct report and prison guard/prisoner relationships severely frowned upon if not outright illegal. 

To me, these are very serious concerns Western society is no where close to properly addressing, and because of that, interracial relationships aren't what they seem as presented on the rose-colored glass surface to me.


MEDIUM: Scanned pen & ink cartoon drawing w/Adobe Photoshop color. 

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