Upon receiving my audio equipment and testing for a few days, I come to the conclusion I wasn't happy with the condition of my Blue Yeti (Silver) that cost me £99.00 from Amazon. I had many complications, the pattern dial was extremely stiff, the product looked almost slightly damaged along with it's packaging. I was displeased at first, but I thought I could cope with it due to me wanting the items so much. Along with the microphone, I bought a pop filter, which cost an additional £10. Which worked perfectly fine, I struggled getting it on the Yeti and in some positions where it was head-on with the microphone but nothing too stressful, I also bought a boom arm that didn't fit the Blue Yeti in the way I expected. The boom scissor arm was of the brand 'Racksoy' whilst I was pleased with the arms quality, we had struggles and also concerns about attaching it to my glass desk with such a heavy microphone putting pressure on it. Also, since Blue don't abide by the standard microphone screw on the end of the boom pole, I had to use a plastic adapter that came with it that didn't fit completely and comfortably in the Yeti, it wobbled around, and caused plastic to burr off inside the screw socket. I would suggest investing in a metal adapter if you still wish to go for this microphone. I have decided after spending all this money, I thought I might as well do it properly, and refunded it all. (The Yeti was also picking up vibrations from my glass desk causing unnecessary hum.) Upon collection for my products, which is tomorrow from this date of posting. I'll be getting a full refund and will invest in other equipment. I have my eyes on the Rode NT-USB Microphone after doing a lot of more research, and it's more about the good quality sound that I want to sound like, or that I think I will sound like. So I will be investing in this microphone that has a built in pop filter, and looks like it mounts on boom arms rather easily, thank god, all my problems solved.

On the downside, we were ready for final planning and recording of our new video today due to Ronocro receiving his packages, but due to these complications it has been delayed until I receive my new equipment, which shouldn't be too long. We will have this next video well prepared for the amount of time we've had to plan it, and will most likely be our first podcast. As soon as we have our equipment we will begin a line-up and production plan, at the moment we just want to get a video out there to see if people like where we're heading. We hope to see you soon.