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The Complicity of Geek Masculinity
Here it is! My 2nd and final video about geeky manhood and the Big Bang Theory. 

The Big Bang Theory delights in poking fun at its male characters for their geeky obsessions but I argue there's something even more pernicious going on just under the surface. Beyond the mocking of geekdom, the show is relentless in making fun of its male leads for not being 'real men." In their quest to "prove their manhood" the four geeky guys then end up being complicit in many of the most harmful aspects of toxic masculinity.

My argument in this video is a little more complex but as always I try to break the more academic theories down to make them accessible. I hope you all enjoy it!

Also I'm not watching another sitcom for a very very long time. Next month something different, maybe an analysis of a Pixar movie :)