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Hola amigos

This song and post is an experiment in many ways. Firstly, it's in Spanish.. My

first song written in Spanish!

Secondly, it's co-written with Kyle, my love... Our first song just the two of us!

Thirdly, my laptop broke, so instead of using my travel condenser mic and recording it onto Ableton, doing a rough mix & master and posting, I downloaded the Rode microphone app onto my phone and recorded straight onto there.

Fourth, because no laptop, I uploaded it straight to soundcloud, from my phone, as

an MP3

Fifth, also because no laptop, I am posting the link for you to listen/download onto

Patreon from a desktop computer circa 1990, with a gammy keypad, because sending an mp3 to the computer then figuring out how to get it onto here just feels a bit too hard. Its probably not but I can be pretty hopeless with this stuff sometimes and attempting it just feels way too hard and Ive learned that sometimes you just gotta pick the less painful option. Also I cant figure out how to type an apostraphe which is why im writing im, ive and cant in this paragraph that i didnt first draft on my phone then email to myself to paste here... this is fun!

the lyrics (Spanish and English) are coming up now too in a seperate post, and the rest of the Patron pledge rewards will be posted before the end of the month.

I think that's it. Anyone out there fluent in Spanish? How did we do? And does all the technical stuff work? I hope so. I really wanted to share this song with you this month - we haven't been able to stop singing it since we wrote it.

It started as a joke, singing to a friend in a clothing store, telling her to buy a

pair of pants - but then became a song, written from a Guatemalan woman's

perspective, about the beautiful tradition of handmade goods in Guatemala,

and the women who work hard to make and sell them to help support their families.

pictured, with permission, Teresa. She taught us a little about weaving and shared her chips.

Link to listen/download is in case you cant just access it by clicking on this post. Im not entirely sure how it works doing it this way... but i know it will somehow!

This is a public post and the soundcloud link is public too... THANKYOU Patrons, so much, for your support and allowing me to create and share in this way

Mucho amor