Computer purchased! Slight Changes to Bioshock Series
After months of griping about how sllloowwwww my computer is, I've finally made the plunge and purchased me a shiny new MacBook Pro (with some help from you fine patrons). It wasn't much, but every little bit helped! Thanks so much for the generous donations, folks. You gave me the motivation - and even some of the $$$ - to make this possible. Now, as for the Bioshock news. Because of the scope of project, I've decided to start the series Bioshock Infinite, as apposed to the original plan, which was to begin with the history of Rapture. The reason why is that the history of Rapture is so intimately tied to Columbia that it only makes sense to begin with Infinite. I'm starting ASAP, which means as soon as the computer arrives (which should be anytime between the 23-26th of January). Sorry for the delay folks. I just want to do this right. But once the ball gets rolling, I promise there will be more content at a more regular basis. Thanks for the patience! More to come soon.
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