Computer Update
Hey, so, today, I am recording audio for my videos.

"What's taking Doc so long?" you may be wondering. Well, as you may have heard, my motherboard is what's taking me so long. The good news is that the manufacturer will have a new one sent to me on Monday. My laptop doesn't have the hard drive space to record video, unfortunately.

Audio, however, I can do, so I'm recording audio for multiple videos (I have done work on 7 scripts, which are in various stages of completion while my desktop has been dead!), so that I will have the audio track ready to go immediately on getting my computer back. I will try to make multiple videos during October, unless work or something interferes. We'll see.

I've posted a lot of bad news on here lately, because, hey, pretty much every single week between my last video and now has been bad (seriously, think of all the computer problems alone! It's crazy!). My parents dropped by shortly after my birthday on Friday and... we proceeded to rearrange and remodel my apartment. They bought me a new bed. Like... hey, I'm used to getting a jar of jam on my birthday (seriously. one jar. not even a big jar. just a jar of blood orange jam.) or maaaaaybe, if I'm lucky, going out to eat. This was huge and amazing and it's the best birthday I've had ever. I'm still kind of in awe. My apartment is super clean now. I can think better. It's great.

Anyways, yes, videos. Coming soon. At least one should be complete today, because I am working on it right this second. I have to run into town for a little while, but I'll be back and at this and I won't go to bed until the audio is 100% done. Then, tomorrow, I'll start on the next one. On Monday, I'll have the computer, I'll record the video clips, and I'll put it together and upload it hopefully on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 5. If I don't, tweet angry things at me.

If I don't respond, it means my computer died again for like the sixth time in three months. Cool.

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