Sneak peak
Dear Patrons and Friends, 

I am having headaches since I started Con-Fusion as in how to manage the content. Facebook for this, YouTube for that, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo on Demand,  Patreon.  This really sucks, I know! Because non of these platforms can do all I need. 

So I decided to try creating my own website. But even there I had to rely on a website builder. So I tried WIX. First it looked very promising, but the more I worked on my website, the more I realized it is just another incomplete solution. And because these things exhaust me more then the tutorials, I decided to just use this website as a way for you to find content easier. 

Every thumbnail will have a link to the content (Vimeo )  and a link to the Patreon post. It is organized according to the tier. It is also split into VFX and All-In-Fusion stuff.  The website will also have a Forum, hopefully that will come in handy when it comes to communicating with you. Then there is a blog, which I want to use for bigger long term projects. Building stage, shooting, etc etc. 


I just cant think of anything which works as a whole.  I think the only solution to make it a breeze for you and me is to lay down some serious cash and let a pro build that kind of site. 

Let me know what you think!