Concept Portraits
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Hi all!

Today I was going to start on a project, but then got completely sidetracked by doing concept portraits ^^;;;; 

The first I did was the boy in the upper right. He started out as a concept for a Point and Click game I'll be working on soon. 

Then the nasty guy below him was next. For him I wanted to try a method a lot of artists use, to make a random shape with a solid color and then see what you can get from it! So yeah, he just literally started off as a blob of color and then yeah... that's probably not all that helpful, but yeah. So his proportions are likely off, but it's because he's a blob lol

Next, was the creepy thing in the middle, it was another "start as a blob", but then I thought about doing a sorta skull thing... I dunno. At any rate, the skin from the upper lip is threaded through the nose and out the doesn't make sense lol I just wanted to do something creepy and disturbing :P

The fish person came next. I guess I was sort of thinking "mermaid" kinda sorta in the back of my mind, but this one started off again as a blob, though a more cohesive blob haha, with ears, and with this one my goal was to create a figure with cool skin but warm colored eyes. I don't mind how s/he came out but still isn't quite the portrait I'm happy with. Still, it was fun doing all of the scaley details and pretty pastel colors. I also played with lighting for fun, a light source from above and below... and behind, because I'm a damn glutton for punishment haha - Not sure that I entirely pulled it off, but again, I wanted to have fun, and not worry about trying to get things too accurate.

And lastly, lol, and weird self-portrait because no matter how I moved the portraits around, there was empty space, so I just drew a derpy Danni LOL - I actually just drew a quick sketch and painted over it rather than starting with a blob of color.

Anyhow, I hope to do some portraits each day or at least one of these a week if nothing else, while I work on commissions and my projects.

Until next time, take care everyone! :D

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