Concept art - The Summit
Alright, so I've been pretty quiet for a while now, and that is because, as I satated before "patrons will be seeing more concept art rather than pages, as I am going to focus on getting a solid story outline and chapter outlines worked out so my script can be more precise, and I wont be fretting about what to do once I run out of thumbnails (I only had two more planned after this one, and that is not good)." Basically, I didn't start out with a script, I started with thumbnails and a vague idea of dialogue. I had only thumb nailed 8 pages, and I scrapped one... anyway I digress, the point is that I have been working on my outlines and scripts for this comic. I've been doing some concept sketches here and there as I write, but at the moment I have not much new to share. I am STILL working on page 5, I've figured out a much better way to deal with it, but it's still going to take a bit more time. I will try to post pages and art as I finish them. I appreciate your time!