Concept Art / baby dragon drawings..
traditional drawing on paper... just for fun and practice...
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What $1.01 means ? 101 is term commonly used to describe guide, for beginners of all kinds. Clips from behind the scenes are great and cool, but not informative enough if you want to learn.

This pledge allows me to do the proper 101-Tutorial for everyone.

You see, what have i done? To learn something new can be fun.

Adblock Absolution Feeling guilty for blocking YouTube ads? Denying yashik the advertising revenue he has earned by his blood, sweat and tears?

"You are relieved, feel no more guilt."

Once again you are helping him to create content like what you've just seen. ^_~

Salute o7, Respect and Welcome

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$3.00 is dedicated to fearless warrior with the spirit of true Spartan. *Heroic Act*

With your help, once we reach army of 300 members, king Leonidas will be summoned and madness will be coming with him.

We stand in front line, VIP Premiere, tactical advantage is our knowledge.

We are first who will be able to see what tomorrow's brings. 1day before content is publicly released.

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$5.05 is a sign of SOS. You are my beacon, who shines and guides my steps on this amazing quest.

Like holy paladin, you bring light into the dark corner of my life, thx 4 your help.
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