Concept Art - Evil Elly
For chapter 3, I only asked Val to draw a few character sheets since most of the cast would be returning faves, but there was one holdover from chapter 2 that we both wanted to take a second glance at (not like that, ya pervs).

Running parallel to Elly's story, Bad Rock and co. at the Lost & Foundry ran into a snag of their own in the form of a well-muscled, stark naked murder machine with a monster for one hand, a death ray for another, and mismatched feet.

Her tale is a long and sorrowful one that I'd rather not give away just yet. Suffice to say, she's motivated by death and pain, but she hasn't cut out all of her base humanity (despite her appearance) and there's more to her actions than gratuitous violence (or nudity).

She teleported into our heroes' world as a bag of bones, and there wasn't anyone willing to part with a shirt during her rampage, but she'll find what she needs. Starting with Elaina's discarded coat, she'll also nab some footwear in the discount shoe store above the club's secret entrance.

Aside from her look in clothes, Val also illustrated the bulk of her damage, which I'll try and describe.

Aside from the heavy burns across her scalp and face, she has an assortment of abrasions across what's left of her torso. Her appendages were all amputated for various reasons:

- right leg, a prosthetic work of art, designed to look exactly like the limb it replaced before battle damage began to eat away at its artificial skin.

- left leg, another kind of prostheses altogether, not strictly speaking built for a human being, but obviously designed for speed.

- right hand, replaced with a gauntlet and laser lance that can cut through just about anything. After Elaina blasted it with the staff of Hermes, however, the absent limb grew back. The prostheses now functions as a gauntlet.

- left hand, arm, torso, lung, kidney, and several feet of intestine, surrendered for a deadly weapon. What's attached to her is a lobotomized sentient, sea-dwelling tapeworm called a Yugg. It's working  on instinct now, fueled by hunger, and together they're trapped in a symbiotic relationship of chronic pain and power.

You'll be seeing some more of her in chapter 3 (this time, I do mean it like that), and she'll be haunting our heroes' throughout their "adventure".