Concept Art? Yep!
Hey there!

My grand vision for "Infinity PBR" is more than just models with customized textures.  I've been adding "Mesh Morphing" by using blend shapes on the models.  Audio for all of the animations has been added to many of the packs.

And now, CONCEPT ART!  One thing I realized when I was setting up the website for a game I released a year ago was that I had no concept art!  Big game websites are FULL of concept's pretty, and it fill up pages really nicely.

So now I'm working with a great artist from Taiwan!  Each package will get three different pieces, based on the options and default textures.  Each artwork is in layered .psd and .png format, very high resolution.

You can use it for your website, emails, print media -- whatever your game requires! You can of course also edit it in Photoshop as well.  (Some packs may get 6 pieces instead of 3)

[Am I working on adding something else??  Yes...I am...hopefully soon you'll also start seeing the addition of MUSIC...adaptive audio that allows you to mix the tune based on variables or the feel of your level.  Kind of cool.]

Next packs will be the Weeper & Devils Pack PBR.  They're both being animated as we speak, but the Weeper will likely be first only because the Devils pack needs to have it's Blend Shapes added, which is done by the animator in Wales who is currently working on the Weeper.

Thanks everyone!


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