concept sketches vs finished
A lot of other folks I know like to post WIPS of their art, but aaaahhh I just feel like I don't have a good "in process" things to show, i much rather compare the very VERY beginning groundwork to the finished product :D 

first sketch took like 3 minutes, then about 20 for the fleshing out and then just....14 hours for the rest of it >_> 

I got a few other ideas for pictures, I want to look into making prints, I've just...aah I've worked with printers before, and because of my color style it never translates well. I'm also worried about the logistics of trying to find a printer that can work with my pallet, have them ship it to me, and then i go out and ship it to someone else...I KNOW there's a better way, I just have yet to find it ;-; 

also before i set up a store I need to be sure to have some TRULY KICK ASS pieces in there, and right now, I feel like I could only stock 3-4 things that I feel confident on. I want to make some other great pieces before I can start setting something up.