OUR BOOK DU JOUR: This book by Colonel Lochlainn Seabrook is one of the most in-demand titles we’ve ever published: “Confederate Monuments: Why Every American Should Honor Confederate Soldiers and Their Memorials.”  Highly topical, information-packed, and generously illustrated, this is the only book you’ll ever need to combat the phony “controversy” surrounding our Southern statues. Learn about the unique origins of Southern patriotism; find out why U.S. Presidents used to line up to honor Confederate soldiers; see why all Confederate memorials are protected by numerous laws; discover why even Union veterans once helped fund and raise Confederate monuments. Contains a section of rare state-by-state images of hundreds of Confederate memorials. Get your copy of this emotionally powerful pictorial primer now. HELP SAVE A CONFEDERATE STATUE: Give out copies to uneducated city officials. We’re bringing back the positive image of the Conservative, patriotic, heroic Confederate soldier! Available in paperback and hardcover. Free shipping. SEA RAVEN PRESS: Conservative books, Real History!