Confession and new commitment
Dear friends, I have a confession to make and also I'd like to make a new commitment to you. I am very good at hiding and not sharing what is going on because I don't want to be seen as 'different'. Though it is not very apparent from my videos, I've always felt invisible and acted as if I was invisible. Lately, however, I have been on a path on inquiring into self-love and I came into a conclusion that authentic sharing is so powerful! I'd like to give you back what you're giving to me as it is such an amazing and new feeling for me - to feel so trusted and supported. I'd like to commit to sharing more of my life and insights with you. You're such a huge part of my life and I am deeply grateful. HENCE, I'D LIKE TO ASK YOU: Is there anything you'd like to know about me or see from me more? Either in my videos or here on a Patreon site? Do you want to see what I have for breakfast or what I struggle with in life? Would it be a good idea to do a whisper Q&A video? I am happy to share. :)
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