Confronting My Privilege
This project is my attempt to explore and investigate racism and whiteness, and to locate my place within these contentious issues. With this work, I am trying to talk about racism and white supremacy from the only point of view that I believe I can approach these issues, from my own perspective. In doing so I am attempting to bring whiteness and privilege into view, in order to examine, challenge, and unsettle it, rather than use the centering of whiteness as a strategy of denial or protection. This is an effort to expand my racial literacy, and broaden my scope of understanding, so that I can begin to dismantle feelings of white superiority in myself, and learn to be a better ally. This is a way to confront myself, and hopefully some people can connect to that. Through this work I am processing my identity as a white woman, and what that means in this time and place. As an artist, the way I best process something is by making work about it.