The confusing changes to pledge fees
So, there has been a whole lot of ranting about PATREON'S choices to change the charging fees, for the Patrons. Because I suck at numbers and finance, I understand very little about this, but I get the idea they are going after: More money for the creators - in expense of the Patrons. You. 

I'm not going to rant any about this. I'm really not sure how to feel about this, good or bad. Sure, the creators are now getting a few percent more donations, but the donator, patron, is going to have to pay more - Although, to think of this, it isn't unheard of. Anywhere you go, store or online, there is usually a payment method, that can be more convenient, but adds up a little payment fee on top of the bill. Because I'm stupid with numbers, I'm referring this situation with that. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't care. 


Though I don't have a solid opinion on this, it put me thinking about my own page once again. Here's why (this time):

I don't have any supporters, and I don't care about it for that matter. I'm keeping this up as more of a blog or something. But if I'd had, I'd be sorry for them. My comics and drawings, the content I make, Isn't worth a dime, for how bad it is. I sure as hell don't want to charge more than what I think is reasonable for X amount of these things, so I've though about a way to minimize the expenses that fall on any potential supporters. 

I still have no clue how it works, but I'm considering to shift back to the Per creation-charge, and for that one payment, you'll get access to follow the creation of each scene or chapter, for that entire time. This would include:

  • pre-release looks at the comic. Panel-by-panel posts as I make the story progress. This is because the comic is in a scroll down-type format, not page-by-page.
  • Insights, and other pointless posts, that will take you close to the creation process. I write them to waste everyone's time - because wasting everyone's time is fun... No, actually, writing these pointless texts, help me figure out some of those stupid mistakes I do all the time. Together, we can share them and laugh at me as a group. Yey!
  • Maybe, MAYBE more exclusive Dev diaries, that would add up to free-of-charge progress posts. In theory, they would take you down to the roots of the thoughts of everything made and seen in this story. Wouldn't it be fun to see, how I cheat my way through making these things you see? I tell you, the cake is a lie. 

Also, these changes make things easier for me. My life is right now in a situation, where I don't have time, or just cannot create things all time, be it drawing or just writings articles. 

That's it. Another top quality post from me :') I don't even know anymore! 

Only thing that matters regarding to these, is that the comic is coming along nicely, though very slowly. 

Alright. Brb!