Congrats!! Bird lovers 🐦
Patrons, here are some of the success stories of Bird lovers. We are super happy to be able to make a difference globally. Thank you for helping us make the change! Also I will be creating a video soon on YouTube dedicated to patrons ❤️

Rhonda Varon is one of the many Bird lovers who has had awesome transformational success with Bird Tameness. 💫

Note that Rhonda is wheelchaired and she is unable to walk and thus cannot stand up and train her Bird on a bird stand; despite of that she was able to fully train her Bird. 🐥

She had her cockatiel Jacob for 5 years. 

She was not able to take him out of the cage and had several behavioral issues with him such as biting, screaming and lack of structured Bird Training. 🙈

After 12 Intensive sessions of the Ultimate Bird Training Package with me, Jacob steps up, goes on her shoulder, does intermediate target training and is extremely obedient . 🌝

She has a few more sessions to complete and her Bird Jacob will be fully trained !☝🏼 

Iris is just yet another success story. Her cockatiel, figaro, was biting, screaming and had major separation anxiety (he used to think his owner was his mate) and so he became very authoritative. After 6-8 Bird Training sessions, figaro now is fully trained, obedient, steps up, does target trick and does not scream ! 

Congratulations to both of you and hundreds of other Bird lovers who have had excellent progresses with BT's Bird training sessions 👏🏻

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~ PW 🦅