Congratulations to.........
Congratulations to Tricia Allen of Hopewell, Pennsylvania!

You are the lucky recipient of my new Custom Original Mini Painting!

Tricia - I'll be in contact privately via email and Patreon messenger tomorrow when I'm back on my computer, and will confirm your address and begin brainstorming with you on your own new custom painting =)

Everybody else - thank you all so much for your support as always.  We'll be having another surprise (donated by the lovely Tanya of ) in the next week or so - and of course another new original painting after that too....... lots of surprise goodies coming up.

Things are moving right along for my next Patreon Goal too - getting closer every day to that $6k mark which means I'll be setting up my interactive live paint webcam channel at Twitch pretty soon!  Thank you all so so much, I could never do this without you guys.  I can't wait to see what Tricia comes up with!