We made it to $10 a month on Kuren! Thank you so much for the oppurtunity to draw for you guys! Patreon itself is a new experience for me, and it's a little odd to be so public on the internet. However with all of the love and support I've been getting from friends, family, and my fellow nerdles: I'm happy to be here and ready for more. 

What's Next?

What's next? WHAT'S NEXT? Why I give you guys the patreon goal gift, of course! I've been meaning to talk about this character, because it shows a turning point in how I got into comics in the first place! I think it'd be a wonderful experience for me to share, and could lend some insight to how much I want to continue Kuren, as well as for how long. Well, THAT will be expanded upon this weekend when I actually POST THE DARN THING~!

What's the New Goal?

 Setting goals can be super difficult on your own, and even harder if you want them to be easily managable. To be completely honest, I'm fine with having my go-to gang of $10 a month friendos helping me out. However that wouldn't be financially viable and could hurt my project in the end. Plus that wouldn't give you guys anything to look forward to and that would just be TERRIBLE! 

I want to give everyone the best experience when it comes to the comic Kuren without spoiling too much of the content, so I would love to send out the first Chapter of Kuren to all of the Patrons that have pledged as a huge thank you~ I think owning what you helped bring to life would be a good reminder to how much I rely and count on your guys~

When Will the First Chapter End?

The 20th of April~! However since I'll be working hard in college, my Patrons will be getting the finished pages a lot earlier than that! A lot of my time during the week is spent writing papers, mapping out mineral contents, and just learning more about the art world that I don't have much time for... well, art. Ha. Although that leads to a lot of activity on the weekend on my part~ The second chapter will be posted right after the first with no breath in between. I've already used up my hiatus time and I'm not planning to take a break for a long while, you can count on that!


  • The pledge goal will be given out this weekend.
  • You all are amazing. 
  • The new goal is hopefully a personal copy of Kuren for each person who pledges. 
  • The first chapter will end on April 20th and the next chapter will start back up right after that. 

Always, -KJK-