Conlang and Trees, a repost
December is Lexember, so for today I’m looking at some tree words from Calenyena, the language of Reiassan. 


Originally posted Dec. 16, 2015

Today's word is thorn alder, because I can!

In further proving that my Reiassani persona is a Bitrani transplant to Calenta (tall, light-skinned, short hair, prefers less bright color combinations), the alders, including the thorn alders, exist on Reiassan almost entirely in the borderlands between South and North. 

Starting with the taxonomic classification: Although I haven't determined what the Reiassani version of Kingdom-Phylum-Class-Order-Family-Genus-Species is, but I know that they use {Arran/West-Coast} for such things. 

The Alder belongs to the family of spear-leaf trees, adavijamin, where adavi is "spear-blade" and "jamin" is "leaf". In that family, they belong to the mainer sub-family, "mainer" meaning "grove" or "family group, tribe."

The Alders themselves keep the name of a goddess otherwise forgotten in the God Purge: the goddess is Talaezia; alders are Taazaa in the everyday speech. 

The thorn alder grows shorter and bushier than many alder trees, and a thorn-alder grove is not a fun place to spend a lot of time. Their thorns are long, sharp, and while not poisonous, their pricks can get infected very quickly and easily. 

And a thorn in Calenyen is linie, from the Bitrani linnia, making my Calenyena name Lin Taazaalinie. 

Author’s note:  Okay, so, T’Lacea (Talaezia) is what an old friend called me, I think from a mispronunciation of my nickname at the time.   Adavijamin is a mash-up of my father’s name, where I got the Alder from IRL. I don’t remember where I got the Mainer part from but I think it’s a switch-up of my grandfather’s name. :-)


And from Mainer, posted Aug. 31, 2016:

In typical Calenyen fashion, the word mainer has been borrowed and mutilated into Calenyen - raimain.

(it is a common practice, when the letters in a loan word do not quite work for Calenyen, to move letters about or repeat letters. In this case, it likely started as "ramainer" and was shortened). 

So... raimain is "grove". 

And it has also come to mean those that stick together clannishly. A raimain is a clique, a tight-knit group that acts similarly.