Connecting to Discord - Troubleshooting
If you want to join our new Discord server to access digital rewards and join the community, make sure to connect your account in the 'account settings' in your profile.

If that's not working, I got some troubleshooting advice from Patreon that has worked for other people.

If you can't get access to the Angelarium Discord - Follow these steps:

1) Disconnect your Discord and Patreon account.
2) Log out of Discord via the web, mobile, and desktop app. Logging out of Discord can be tricky, click here to check out their help center.
3) Update your pledge to the creator by clicking the "save" button when editing your pledge. No information needs to be changed.
4) Reconnect your Discord and Patreon account.

Step 3 is definitely the most important, as it updates your pledge and refreshes the server invite. I really hope this helps!