Connecting your Discord with Patreon for Purpleness!
If you're supporting my Virtual Coworking Chat Room at the $3.00 and higher level, you are entitled to have a fancy blue or purple name.  However, you might need to manually connect your Discord account with your Patreon account for this to show up automatically. Here's Patreon's own guide for connecting your accounts, and of course you can always just ask me in the chat room to fix it for you. 


Here's how it looks in the chat room: 

Patrons have blue or purple names. Here's how it's setup:

  • If you're supporting at $1, you get a wondrous blue name. 
  • At $3, you get the purple name. 
  • At $10+, you get the super purple! 

Of course you don't need to be a supporter to participate in the chat room. If I've seen you say something in the chat room for about a month, you will get regular status which is still a very fine green color. Visitors who say something once get a bronze color (the "visitor" role).

For the curious, here's our current color setup: 

Again, if you're a supporter and are wondering why you are not seeing your name in blue or purple, visit this help page and see if it works for you. If it doesn't, you can always hit me up on the chat room and I'll fix it for you.

The official Discord invite invitation to my server is at I recommend signing up for an account and then using the DiscordApp on your computer or smartphone. You can also use the browser app, but make sure you have a permanent account that can receive the Patreon  role.