Conquerors Preorder!

Hello Patrons!

Conquerors is available for preorder now, and I also announce that Conquerors will be inlcuded both in May and June Sword packages. Decks will be shipped in early july for everyone.

So, how you can preorder Conquerors? There are various ways, pick the one is better for you:

Through Sword of the Conqueror

$30/month for Audax+Victoria 

If you haven't already, just join the Patreon Sword of the Conqueror of this month (you have time until 31 May) to recieve 1x Conquerors Audax and 1x Conquerors Victoria in your May monthly package. 

The June package will be the same of May, another 1x Audax and 1x Victoria.

So, if you join the Sword tier in May, you’ll recieve 2 Audax and 2 Victoria in early July (May and June reward). If you join the Sword in June, you’ll recieve 1 Audax and 1 Victoria in early July (June reward)

Sword of the Conquerors also include access to all Special Patreon events and 9% discount on - You can still purchase more Conquerors decks through Golden Preorder.

If you already have the Sword, but you wish purchase more Conquerors, check now the Golden Preorder.

Through Golden Key - Golden Preorder

$6/month + $39 for Audax+Victoria, shipping included

Join the Patreon Golden Key tier ($6/month) to have access to the Conquerors Golden Preorder: Audax+Victoria at $39 shipping included, with no purchase limit and priority.

Golden Key also include access to all Special Patreon events and 6% discount on

Through Standard Preorder 

$45 for Audax+Victoria, shipping not included

If you don’t want a Patreon monthly subscription, you can just preorder the decks on my website 


Golden Key Preorder and Standard Preorder will be available until 30 June 2019.

When preorder will be over I’ll continue to sell Audax and Victoria on my site, at full price:  $18 for Audax, $55 for Victoria, shipping not included. Since decks will be more expensive later, it's better preorder them.

Some notes:

  • Golden Preorder is available for Sword of the Conqueror Patrons too - in the case they wish more than 1 deck. Click here to Golden Preorder Access.
  • Both Golden Key and Sword of the Conquerors are a monthly subscription, but you can withdraw when you want.
  • There is not a big difference to standard preorder and Golden Preorder - the real saving is the shipping cost (which is free with Golden Preorder) and the perks granted by the Golden Key. As I said before, I don’t want force anyone to join Patreon.
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