What a word and what a concept! 

It’s so hard to realise that we are a speck, a sunbeam of pure awareness, pure consciousness and that is somewhat in- comprehendible to our minds which are part of that immense process. 

I read somewhere, I think in the Way of Mastery, an analogy which helped me take on board the incredible amazingness that we really are as Human Beings. 

If we look up at the sky at different times of the day, or month, or year or season we will see a very different picture.

As I look up now I see a predominantly blue sky but with lots of white fluffy clouds and on the distant horizon there are much darker clouds and I see that these white clouds are moving from West to East in a steady stream. 

If we imagine that what we really are is akin to the sky, the pure matrix and blank canvass that is untouchable, is pure and which is pregnant with any and every possibility that could ever be.  The clouds that pass by are the experiences we have, the emotions, the dramas and the stories that we have since our birth. They are the lives, the deaths, the schooling, the parents, the friends, the marriages, the divorces, the drugs, the alcohol and the sex and all the dramas and the plays we have been involved in throughout our lives.

But the important thing to realise is that all of these are the clouds, they come and go, they are black, and white, and purple and red and big and small and every kind of cloud that could ever be,


What we are is the sky and it is untouched, pure, pristine and totally perfect.

It will always be so and was always so, now and before the world and after the world.

Whatever clouds come and go the nature of what we are is changeless and untouched by the clouds. 

So it is and so it shall ever be!

We are witness to the clouds, we can train our minds to be aware witnesses or not so aware witnesses but none-the-less we are witnesses to that which goes on that is called our life; in actual fact, according the Great Ones who have delved into these things and have gained greater insights than I could imagine, what our experiences are can only be a part of what life encompasses. How we experience them helps form a more complete picture. 

We are given the clouds, the experiences and in fact at our deepest level, our Souls collaborate with other Souls to co-create and draw in people, places and things that will nudge us into becoming more aware and more awakened.  So as well as witnesses to what happens to us we are also co-creators, co-conspirators of what happens to us.

Oh My God, That Makes Us Responsible!

O yes, so it does. My, how that changes everything! I am responsible for all that is happening to me! I am not a victim and I cannot blame God, my Mum, my Dad, my Step Dad, luck, the man or woman down the road, my Head Teacher or my place of birth or any damn thing! Somewhere in the depth of my Soul, my Psyche, I must have wanted these experiences, even if they appeared to be negative or bad in order that I may perhaps…


And there we have it! All the while the Sky of our Being is unaffected as it witnesses the passing of the clouds of experience, every experience. As an artist needs a blank canvas or a musician needs silence to make the painting or the song come to life; then we need the matrix of infinite possibilities to be available so that we can call to us and witness all of life, so that we can evolve and see that whatever happens we were created to create and we do it whether we know it or not.  And ultimately whatever we create is good and if we bring love to that creation in a knowing and aware way, then we promote the Good, the Beautiful and the Holy. 

That is the ultimate HIGH.

Love and Blessings to you all.