The Consequences of Vacationing
Hello patrons. Having spent the first half of July visiting family (hence the above photo from my airplane window), I'm going to fall just short of having enough time to release a song this month. As a consequence, no patron donations will be charged for July. Woot(?) I guess, kinda.

HOWEVER, I'm on target to release TWO songs in August:

  • "Narrow Decade" in the first half.
  • "I Hate Your Doppelgänger" in the second half.

"Narrow Decade" is a total rework of one of my earliest tracks, originally released (on cassette!) under the The Secret Mechanics Association umbrella.
You can hear the original, very minimal arrangement here.
An old live-in-studio performance here.
And the beginnings of the new version (on iPad) here.

Meanwhile, "I Hate Your Doppelgänger" is a song I've been noodling with for several years. All I can tell you for now is that it's the sci-fi tale of a doomed relationship, and it will be served up to patrons here first. If you're not a patron, you can become one by going here.

Aside from the new music, I owe you patrons a video update as well. Keep an eye open, I'll post something here this week.