The Consequences of Revenge
The following contains heavy topics that are not explicitly stated such as rape, and murder. As a bit of context, this is the premise of a book that I hope to start writing and get published some day. The title may not stay the same. ---- Anger is an emotion that can make you seem like you’re last in the dark. When all you feel is the need to take what you deserve, or punish those who did you wrong. Sometimes, from that anger, comes justice. But not this time. She was a girl only sixteen years old when things fell apart. Her family… a little more than simply strange. It was already clear that her home life was not that of a typical Canadian girl. She was a shut in with few friends and a strong passion for technology. She loved to program and code things, create things that could boggle minds, put together little robots with whatever she could find. She had an older brother who strove for success, always responsible, reliable, and upstanding. Her mother was a quiet, unassuming woman, normal in that she was hard on her kids when the time came but loving all the same. But her father… He was an entrepreneur. A man looked up to by many and hated by many for his success and his way of conducting business. And her father was the reason that she lost everything. The reason she now, at twenty-two years old, had a six year old boy. She must continue to live her life now, bringing up a child she hadn’t been prepared for. Betrayal happens, and continues to happen, and as a woman who will not stand to be double-crossed, she digs herself deeper into a hole that becomes even more difficult to get out of while trying to come to terms with what she had to do to continue to survive.