Consider This. Number 1

To be mindless is to run on automatic and allow all things to happen to you as though you were flotsam and jetsam, like we see in the movies and what is a movie but something that happens in the mind and field of our awareness?

It’s good to be at the whim of everything the ‘wicked’ universe decides to deal out because then we have no responsibility and we can blame everything and everyone else for all that happens to us and how we feel from moment to moment. We can lay blame and project from us that which we consciously or unconsciously do not want and need to shed onto anything and anyone we can because to own it is to be culpable. And we can’t have that!

To be mindful is to still run on automatic most of the time, but to take ‘time out’ and sometimes, just sometimes decide that we have a certain power, a certain freedom which allows us to witness our automatic reactions, our automatic judgements, our automatic values and beliefs and ask ourselves, ‘ Do I really know that I am right here? 

Is my being right contributing to me being happy or unhappy? To be mindful is to allow yourself to be ok with who you are! How many of us are really, truly and totally ok with who we are? For that matter, do any of us consider who we really are? From what or whom do we gain authority and from what or whom do we gain our identity and that sense of “ I”. These are mindful questions and allow us to realise that we have some sort of purpose and calling. 

If I can write with any authority on Mastery then I have to write from the perspective of a student who has witnessed such a thing but as yet, am only an aspirant. Mastery as I can conceive of it is like the chef that cooks a hundred soufflés and only one of them has been perfect and the feeling one gets from cooking such a thing is that actually “I” did not do it at all, it just happened because I put all the love and good feeling into it I could and somehow, miraculously and incredibly the soufflé just seemed to ‘cook itself’. I just ‘got out of the way’ and it happened in spite of me. Mastery seems to need the art of ‘getting out of the way’ and allowing the energy of life to work through you unencumbered. The small ‘self’ leaves room for the higher ‘Self’. When such a thing happens it becomes vibrant and one knows that they are a conduit for something much larger, much more intelligent and far more powerful that anything you could ever imagine. That feeling is ‘something else’! But that feeing is YOU as soul, mind and body are working together, infused by Spirit.  So mastery is about really seeing and allowing you to see that all that arises is ok.  This is not easy when we have been programmed from birth, to school and adolescence to look for danger and disaster. Are they in fact imposters?