Considering a big change to the voucher system - I need input!
Hey guys!  First of all, thank you for your support, as always :)

As you know, I recently implemented a voucher system for all patrons who support me at $10 or more per month.  Even though I'm still just a little behind and I'm still working the bugs out of this system a bit, I am very happy with how the voucher system is working out so far (though there are a LOT of you who haven't been using your vouchers yet! Please make sure I have the right e-mail address for you and make sure it's not going into your spam folder!).

However, even a good thing can usually be made better.  There is one question about the voucher system that I routinely get: Can I save vouchers to combine and get a full scene instead of a sketch?  So far, I don't have a system in place for doing that, but I had a bit of a notion today, and I wanted to know what you guys think of it.  So here are the changes I'm thinking about making to the vouchers:

-They will no longer be vouchers for TYPES of drawings, but instead will work like coupons (if you're supporting me at $10 per month, each voucher will still be enough for you to get a free sketch - I'm not changing that).  In other words, if you're a bronze supporter, each month you will receive a voucher that can be redeemed for $15 off of my regular commission price (enough for you to get a color sketch for free, in other words) - which you can either use for a sketch, or combine for larger drawings like multi-character scenes, ref sheets, etc.

-They will have year-long expiration periods, but they will only be usable when I am open for regular commissions.  I know, I know - right now I'm rarely open for regular commissions, so that seems like a raw deal, but hear me out.  Right now, one of the main REASONS that I'm so rarely open for commissions is because I spend most of my time working on your Patreon sketches.  And that's FANTASTIC.  I'm so flattered that I've got that much support.  But it's become the elephant in the room: sooner or later, if I continue to grow at this rate, I will have more sketches than I can reasonably support.  By switching to this system, you guys can have more freedom of what kind of art you get from me, and you don't feel pressured to redeem one voucher on a type of art that you don't really know what to do with.

So that's the basic idea.  I REALLY need feedback on this, guys.  Because it is a big change, and it will affect most of you.  If you don't really like the idea, then it's VERY IMPORTANT for you to speak up and say so.  That doesn't automatically mean I won't do it, but believe me, I will be giving ALL of your comments very serious consideration.  Thank you so much for your continued support!