Considering writing a new Season 2
During lunch break at my day job yesterday I was listening to Point Mystic , a new mystery podcast. I' ve enjoyed the first episode so far. Go check it out!

While listening I had an epiphany.  I realized that while what I have written for season 2 is good so far it doesnt have much of the mystery season 1 does, which is part of the show's identity. 

The TEC world is massive. It has many different aspect and facets. One of which is the abnormal and borderline supernatural going-ons of the planet. I have many of them written up and partially explained in my folders of notes, knowing that someday I want to explore them in the show. With the excitement of writing the first draft of season 2 in 2016, I forgot that part of the world. 

Point Mystic helped me remember just how much I love mystery and how much I want it in TEC. I think I will spend the next month writing a rough draft of a new season2 with a focus on the mystery. 

What I have written will probably get saved for season 3 or 4, as something  major happens that will shift a great number of things within The Collective. 

I will be posting occasional updates here, as well as sneak peeks for Patrons of the new season's writings.


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