Considering the Why Behind the Words
Several days ago I wrote out a bit of a rant, intending to post it here. After reading it through the first time I prefaced the post with this: “Warning: semi-self-righteous rant ahead!” Then I paused. I shelved the post. During a busy week of appointments and various errands that left me completely drained, my words have simmered on the back burner of my brain. Many are the times I write just to unburden my brain and many are the times I casually share what I write with friends and readers. I want to share things that are fresh and honest. I’ve learned, however, that not everything I put down on “paper” needs to be shared. I’m learning more about myself in this process. The fact that I would preface any piece of writing acknowledging its self-righteousness told me I needed to think more about what I wrote and the motivation behind it (especially if I wished to avoid bringing a bucketful of negative comments down on my head). Follow the link to my blog to read more: