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Dear friends,

I need your help to continue to maintain this work. I am not solely a poet. Your funds are needed to help me to continue to help others, through the quiet work of offering spiritual guidance to those who come and ask, with the blessing of my Master. This support is provided free of charge.

Your support provides me with much needed basic resources such as food, shelter, medical care, clothing and other basic needs. Donations and patronage are currently my sole source of income.

To find out more about becoming a patron, please visit 

To make a one off donation, visit 

Collaborators, I need you to help me create beautiful Zen poetry products from my words, to share them more widely. In particular, I am keen to hear from potters, printers, bookbinders, publishers and silversmiths. Email [email protected] to open the conversation.

Sponsors, I need your help to fund the further publishing of my poetry and other writings, to pay for web and email hosting, newsletters and other expenses. In particular, I am interested to hear from tea houses, tea distributors, cafes, designers and makers. Email [email protected] with any offers of funding or practical support.

I am also open to collaborations with highly motivated and experienced makers and artists.

Thank you for reading.



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