Hey! I Founded and am the President of The 66 Books Ministry, a 'Back to The Whole Bible' Boots on the ground proclamation ministry, and author of over Twenty-Four Books, with a daily mailing list of around 50,000...I WRITE!

Presently, I am working on 4 Books. 

1. ‘Finding The Spider’ - A Unified Biblical Conspiracy Theory

2. ‘The New Separatist Bible’ – A modern confluence of the 1611 AV, The 1560 Geneva Bible and 21st Century English! 

3. ‘Night-Whispers’ – Everyday Bible Insights

4. ‘The Fellowship of The Book’ - To take you through the whole Bible in 1 Year

I am very excited about ‘Finding The Spider’ as I go way down the rabbit hole to find out exactly what is happening in the world. I have already purchased several changes of underwear. Finding the Spider should be out in September 2017. 

A bit more about me……

In 2011 I  preached in the 66 Cities of the United Kingdom in 66 Days from each of the 66 Books of the Bible and carried out over 300 interviews. I know what questions people are asking, and what answers they need! In addition to this, I process designed one of the top Christian  'question and answer' websites on the web and again, has had the privilege of seeing the kind of questions people are asking about the Bible and the God of the Bible from around the world.

I currently lives in the UK but has also lived in 4 states in the USA over a period of 7 years, where I drove over 40,000 miles from state to state speaking to a multitude of people. I have my finger on the pulse regarding the questions people are asking, the fears they are expressing, and with my 38 years of Biblical study, I reckon I provide a Biblical framework for people to truly understand what is going on inside them and the inside the world they live. 

I am the author of the highly successful Night-Whispers, which is currently 3 volumes of 12 books (and growing) where he provides daily devotional material to tens of thousands of people around the world, addressing issues usually only touched on by what is called 'the alternative media.' I became a Christian whilst serving on a Polaris Submarine at the end of the cold war. His Biblical Christianity is deep, his application earthy and relevant.

I am also the  author of the 66Minute Bible, which in text and/or video, takes his readers through the Bible in 66 Minutes! And I write  a minimum of 8 books per year, 4 Quarters of 'Night-Whispers' which are Everyday Bible-Insights for the 21st Century Christian and 'The Fellowship of The Book' which takes its readers through the Bible in 1 Year. I write!

OH and I am also a performance Poet ( 7 Volumes of 66 Poems) ---‘Purple Robert’ ----but don’t tell anyone.