Constant Times! - March 2016

Well, heck!

  • Changes to my Patreon page and campaign.
  • I'm a guest of honor!

Knob Adjustments

They're rolling out a new layout for the Patreon page so I'm going to be making some changes on my end too.

The biggest change is now I'm going to be making only games. I mean, I'll still be making the other stuff from time to time, as I do now, but this Patreon will be focused on the small and beautiful games I've been so into making recently. For now, no videos or songs or other things. Just games!

This monthly format for news and updates is... kinda silly. I end up waiting a while before mentioning things because I want to compile several things together into one post. And that makes the posts too long to read (y'know, compared to a tweet or whatever.) Instead, casual updates when I've got something to share or announce! How... internety.

With this format, I'm also getting rid of the house plant stories, so the $10 level will be the at-cost POD printing when that comes about. (I was trying to get something together for this month but just wound up overwhelming myself again. Ha! Don't try to do too much!)

Guest of Honor... at Fastaval !?

That's in Denmark. Some marvelous yahoos are flying me to Denmark to participate in a truly amazing convention, based around a scenario competition with a culture of mass-playtesting. It's definitely worth reading about!

I'll be there talking about the Cascadia role playing scene, discussing (on a panel)Other Art Forms in Role Playing with some Scandinavian designers, and running some of my games: Glitch Iteration, Forest Ghosts, and Thank You Kindly. Other people are running Glitch Iteration too! It'll actually be run at the same time as Forest Ghosts! For some reason this makes me feel very special. :)

As that it's my first trip to Europe, I'll be understandably and irresponsibly extending my stay after the convention to see some sights, hear some sounds, taste some flavors, and so on.  Very excited!

Thank you so much my dear patrons! You make so much possible.


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