Monday, September 25, 2017:
The week begins with seriously mixed signals. The Moon in Sagittarius provides an optimistic atmosphere, an idealistic view, and an expansive vision of the future.
However, it will be largely overshadowed when, at 10:35AM EDT, Mercury, the planet of thought and communication forms a challenging square aspect to realistic, hardworking Saturn. Saturn provides limitations and restrictions in order for us to face the reality of our responsibilities. This is not an easy or a fun transit but it will push you to do what needs to be done in order to develop mature clarity in your thoughts and plans. The cycle between Mercury and Saturn is an annual cycle as Mercury takes approximate a year to move fully around the ecliptic.
Think back to what you were thinking, planning, or studying in November of 2016. As this is the Third Quarter Square of that cycle, it is time to begin wrapping up and finalizing that project, study, or thought process.
Now is the time to consider what new project, serious study, or contemplation you want to begin when the new cycle begins in approximately 2 months. As you consider releasing the past, begin contemplating the seeds of the future. Difficult challenges that come your way on Wednesday will point you in the direction of what part of your life is winding down or preparing to be moved in a new direction.

Image credit: Gelee Blanche by Camille Pissaro via Wiki Media