Contemplative Dance Improvisation
My deep improvisation class performed this piece in the Bright Star World Dance spring studio show.  This performance was not only wonderful to be a part of but it translated to video remarkably well.  

Rooted in the practice of contemplative dance, this improvisational performance uses the concept of a kinesthetic witness who shadows a designated mover, and an embellishing witness who has the freedom to 'try on' the mover's motions and to modify and play with them. The roles in this performance change every 90 seconds.

Prior to the performance an audience member chose a word at random from a bag. This word provided the focus for the mover. The audience was not told the word which allows them to be what I refer to as the 4th Witness (after the 4th wall in theater) - they bring whatever they bring to the show as an audience member and we allow them to project what they will upon the performance.

Dancers:  Joie Grandbois, Lisa DeHahn Jade, and Farah Paradise Musicians:  Stephen Carpenter and Barbara Truex  

I hope you enjoy it!