Content layout, Patreon questions, and more!
Hello everyone! Since Patreon changed it's layout a couple months ago I have wondered what my supporters have thought of the way it has affected access to content. Patreon used to have creator content organized by month of upload, and had listed the amount of both patreon-exclusive and public posts on the front page. Right now, only Patrons of mine can see every post and only if they continuously scroll down through the chronological pages of posts - non-Patron users do not know how many posts they are 'missing out' on when they visit a creator's Patreon.

To work around this, I have tried to update my twitter pages regularly to let people know when new content is available and if they want to join in.

Currently, all of the *Downloadable* Reference Sheets links exist as posts that need to be scrolled through to find.
Similarly, the link and password to the 700+ image gallery of *WIP Fursuit Photos* exists as a post.

My question is, would Patrons prefer it if I hosted the ref sheets on an external website, like the Patreon gallery is? That way you could simply go there whenever you wanted to download any of the ref sheet content.

Also, should I start providing the external links to this content in the form of a message to any new Patreon supporters?
Please let me know what you all think! Thanks so much!

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