Content Roundup 11/21/17
On-time! Yeah! You're going to see these shrink a little in the coming weeks, as I'm moving towards working on multiple big projects at once, as opposed to one big project a month and a deluge of small ones. Some of my weekly shows are gonna slow down to either bi-weekly or monthly I think, if they're even ones I want to perpetuate.

Animag Weekly #2: The Year of Princess Mononoke 

Kirby: Fright to the Finish! - The Pleeb & The Weeb S2E3 - Warning: this video is total fucking insanity, and an intense watch that won't be to everyone's taste. I thought it hilarious, but then again I lived it, so it's hard not to.

Digi & May Do Gauntlet: Dark Legacy #3 

The Perfect Media Platform 

Fuck Commenter Entitlement 

Digi & May's Pokemon Journey #7: Destiny Deoxys 

Pubcrawl Episode 77 

YOU DON'T MATTER AND ARE GOING TO DIE - Pro Crastinators Podcast 

How AMV Hell 3 Shaped My Life 

Big Dig - Samurai Nig - A bullshit freestyle rap mixtape where I got high and rapped over samurai trap beats for 45 minutes, under the meme rap name Big Dig.