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Minecraft Mini-Game | The Traveler of Choice (On Hold

You wake up feeling strange and disoriented. Not sure of where you are all you know is that this isn't your world, you don't belong here. All you know is that you are the Traveler of Choices. Your choices will affect everything in this world. From it's people to it's animals. As you go farther into this world you see a chance for you to go home, will you take the easy way out and leave this world to it's own devices? Or will you stay and fight, turning your back on your home world and continuing to help better this world in the name of Justice. Or might you choose the Darker path of pain and despair bringing this world to it's knees, becoming the absolute ruler of everything. The choice is yours, choose wisely. You never know the consequences.
Completion amount:
2% - May 3rd 2017
7% - June 1st 2017

The Lost Diaries | The Zombie Diaries (In Progress)
You follow the character Anderson Kurt Lawson Swandar, AKLS. He has the cure for the Z-Virus in his blood, but when bitten a strange turn of events started to happen. The original intent of the Z-Virus
was to create super soldiers. During WWII Hitler had a secret project going on to create a drug that would enhance his der Werwolf branch of soldiers. But the Allied Alliance bombed the facility before it could be completed. But almost a 100 years later a single survival, infected by the Z-Virus, has granted the US the chance to try and develop super soldiers. But something goes wrong and the virus is released onto the USA's populace.
Completion amount:
15% - January 1st 2017 (In development since Nov 10th 2016)
19% - April 2nd 2017
27% - June 27th 2017
31% - Sept 17th 2017