Content Update on August 31st
Ok xD So much like what happened in July once again I'm posting content riiiiight on the final day of the month xD 

Wasn't planned like that, it just happened to  work out that way with the time I had for sketching and planning in these last two weeks :3 So I'll  be posting just a few exploratory sketches for First Kiss Chapter 6 AND finally...dun dun duuuun! A RETURN DATE! :D (an exact one, it'll be early October) But, that said, regarding the new chapter - WARNING: PARTS OF CHAPTER 6 ARE NOT RATED PG 13.

For as long as I've been drawing Dragonball  my works have been clean, I think I must have drawn adult content maybe twice in the entire almost 3 years I've been doing this kind of thing, so yes, some of you would probably not have expected it and that's why I must warn you -- I will try my best though, to provide an equally immersive PG 13 version as well as an adult version, but understand its a little bit more work for me - since I can't tell who's underage on my patreon or following me on DA I will provide access to BOTH THE PG 13 and ADULT pages, so PLEASE >.< before throwing a tantrum (or having your parents throw a tantrum) check the info I send you carefully so that you can click or not click at your discretion when that time comes - thank you for the self policing, appreciate it ^^