Content Distribution Update
Hello everyone! After struggling for a while with Dropbox, I've set up individual folders for you guys to distribute my content so I won't have to spam my Patreon feed here. If you got any emails from Dropbox, you can safely avoid them for now, they were mistakes on my end. Every month on the 5th, I'll email you a share link to a folder with all your photos for the month. They will be available to you from the 5th to the 10th. I will update my page description to reflect this change.

It's also come to my attention that I post a lot of content compared to other cosplayers on Patreon. It is common for cosplayers to release one set per month without fansigns, or make 4-5 posts of one photo at a time during the month. Although I love posting lots of content for you guys, even if it is more than what the average cosplayer posts, it is very hard to maintain this especially with school and internships taking up my time. As such, I will be posting a bit less, probably less photos at a time for each set. I aim to put up two sets for you guys a month  in your Dropbox folders and still keep up with the fansigns.

Thanks for all your support!