Contest Announcement and Process Video!
Hello my Gnoblins! There is some pretty big news this week, so let’s get to it! 1) Tomorrow’s (Wednesday) comic can be seen NOW (Tuesday) on my Patreon Stream, but as it is a comic about the Patreon Campaign for my comic (Patreon-ception!), it AND the Making of Video are available for EVERYONE to see! Please, pass the link around for me! 2) In my hopes to get more interaction with you the readers, I am started a Facebook Group for the Wicked One. A group is a bit more casual "place" where we can all interact more directly. For now, at least, I don’t intend to replace the FB Page with the Group, but joining the group is the best way to stay up-to-date with all the goings on in Walter’s world. You see, the way Facebook distributes information from pages and personal feeds these days drastically limits who gets notified when I update. We’re talking a tiny fraction here. One to ten percent or something similarly ridiculous. With a group, you can be guaranteed to be notified of every new strip and any exciting news regarding his Wickedness. Even if you don’t want that in your feed, I can message you directly from a group with only the biggest updates and promotions. 3) Speaking of BIG NEWS I am now running FIRST OFFICIAL WALER THE WICKED CONTEST! All new and current members of the group will be entered to win a CUSTOM DIGITAL ART COMMISSION! I will draw any character you like (WtW or other) in full colour! I will run this first contest from April 20 until May 31, 2014. BONUS entries for all Patreon contributors! To sum things up, if you want all the latest info on the Wicked One and want more interaction with me about him, please, join the group and spread the word! I wonder if I can also reward those who spread the word... Maybe try tagging any post you use to share it with a hashtag like this: #wtwgroup I have to look into this further, though. That’s it for today. Tomorrow, I will post the comic here as usual. Next week will be the launch of the new ASK WALTER series!