Contest and shipping update!
Hey there! Contest: I had a contest tonight that I wanted to surprise everyone with where I stuck all your names into a random generator and BOOM. Keith's name popped out (at this time I only have one keith) so CONGRATULATIONS man, and thanks so much for the support. I'll be sending you a message and if you provide an address I'll get it to you ASAP! Shipping: So I ran into some issues with shipping for two of my $20+ patrons this past month or so. I've been waiting on two things to come together to make sure I'm sending art that won't get damaged, plus I wanted to include some pins and extras for you. The two people im talking about may know who they are and if so, I appreciate your patience. I have made sure to pick some awesome things to send you and I'm making a trip to the post office tomorrow! It will be well worth the wait. I thank everyone for the support. And do know that I spent the whole week researching new things to bring to Patreon such as digital downloads, live events, and more contests like the one today! Check out my completely redesigned website @ Talk with you soon Michael
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