Contest Winner Announced! +2018 Plans (Free)
Happy New Year everyone, I hope your holiday season went well and all that jazz. 

Personally I've spent the last couple weeks enjoying a little vacation romping around Kentucky and Tennessee visiting family, detoxing after a long year of touring. 

It was nice to relax, but really it gave me an opportunity to think about how I want to approach 2018 and everything else going forward. Aside from touring with Sleep On It, I want to find ways to bring ya'll more content. What the means exactly will kinda depend on what you, the patron, wants.  I have a couple ideas that I could do in between tours, but the for January/February I will be presenting a series of posts entitled "Tour Survival Guide: How to Travel America* When You're Broke." 

There are 10 posts planned, that'll revolve around different tips/tricks for bands (or any traveler) that I've picked up after a couple years on the road. From what to eat, to what to pack, to where to poop, the goal will to give anyone interested an opportunity to be better prepared for any modern road trip. 

That being said, if you're not into reading about this stuff you're free to cap your pledge at any maximum you see fit without feeling like you need to delete the pledge entirely. (Remember, the minimum for access is a single dollar!) Of course, if you'd like to pledge more I would greatly appreciate it! My goal in 2018 is to not be dependent on Sleep On It for content, this'll be my first soiree into doing that. ALSO if you pledge $10/post you'll get a copy of the Tour Survival Guide for free. (Min $30!)

Anywho, that's the news for Jan/Feb. Oh wait, book 3 (Made in America Tour Journals) will be out Feb 1st. I'll post about the preorder Friday. So keep your eyes peeled for that.

And now for the contest winner! Thank you all again for voting, submitting and voicing your opinion. The 3 finalist all had great designs (and there were some more that I liked too) so if your design didn't win that doesn't mean it won't be available for something in the future. Without further ado I present to you the winner:

This'll be up on today and it looks like this:

Thanks again for everyone! Sign up if you want to read about how to survive on the road, those posts start at the end of the month!