A Continuation To The Introduction-Post-#3
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As the simple life arose from the Earth.. as mentioned before .. these organisms .. had the ability to extract the energy from the chemical compounds found within their environment... then later..  from the Sunlight.. 

📚Through the studies of Biochemistry .. well .. to be honest.. it begins with the questions of .. 

⁉️"How"⁉️ ...these living organism arose..  from the thousands .. of different bio-molecules.. 

🔊📚Remember again .. 📚🔊

That the bio-molecules are the molecules within the living organisms.. the Proteins.. the Carbohydrates... Lipids/fats.. the Nucleic Acids.. &.. the micro-molecules that are involved .. in cellular maintenance .. &.. cellular repair..

📚biochemistry shows .. how the collection of the non-living molecules interact .. maintaining ..&.. then continuing on .. with the program brought forth by the physical ..&.. the chemical laws that influence this non-living universe ..

📚A Single-Bacterial-Cell.. can give rise.. to about .. 1-Billion.. Identical-Daughter-Cells.. within about .. ‼️24 hours.. 📚... 

Each one.. of those Daughter-Cells.. contain.. the thousands of different Bio-molecules .. &.. Yes‼️.. some.. are extremely complex.. 

📚However each ... Bacterium is a .. copy .. of the original.. 

Constructed... directly from the information contained .. within the genetic material of the original-cell.. 

🤔⁉️you may .. at this point ask⁉️.. ⁉️What is the genetic material🤔⁉️.. 

📚Well.. to answer.. The Genome..  is the genetic material of a organism.. &.. It consists of DNA .. The genetic code is a set of rules from which information is coded .. or better .. copied.. from.. 

📚The genetic material is copied from the DNA to mRNA-sequences...  .. this is then translated into proteins within the living cells... 

😳⁉️Say What⁉️.. Does all 😳that mean.. ⁉️🤕‼️

😇Okay.. We will go more in depth .. 

📚DNA = Deoxyribonucleic acid = is the inherited-information-material ... in humans.. &.. basically every other organism... 

Almost every cell within .. a individuals-body has ... the same DNA... 

📚The information within DNA .. also known as .. Deoxyribonucleic acid .. is stored as a code made up from 4-chemical-bases.. which are.. Adenine (A).. Guanine (G).. Cytosine (C).. &.. Thymine (T).. 

The order.. or .. better yet. the sequence.. that these bases are within ... determines...  the information within..  the DNA.. for the building of structure.. &.. then the necessary maintenance of that structure.. which is 👉🏻.. the organism.. 

📚The DNA-chemical-bases.. pair up with each other... (A)Adenine pairs with (T)Thymine-within DNA... (C)Cytosine pairs with (G)Guanine-within DNA.. &.. RNA.. to form units called the base pairs... 

📚Each base..  is attached through a chemical reaction to a sugar molecule..&..  a phosphate-group... Together... the base.. the sugar.. &.. the phosphate-group are called .. a Nucleotide... 

📚The Nucleotides .. are arranged in 2-long-strands .. that come to form a spiral .. called the .. Double-Helix.. 

😌Okay ..👍🏻.. you say .. that was wonderful.. 😳⁉️BUT... What about the mRNA😳⁉️.. 

📚Messenger-RNA (mRNA) is within the family of the-RNA-molecules .. &.. this one actually.. transports..  the genetic information found within the DNA to the Ribosomes ... which are a tiny particle ... consisting of RNA .. which in long form .. stands for Ribonucleic-acid ... where they ... meaning the .. ribosomes ... specify .. the very specific amino-acid-sequence .. for the now synthesis .. meaning .. formation .. of the new protein products .. from the  expressed genes .. from the DNA-molecule .. 

Organisms..  change over time .. by gradual-evolution.. changing their inherited life strategies... with some very small steps.. 

⁉️You may ask .. 🤔why⁉️🤔... Well.. to answer.. 📚.. 

Organisms .. do this ... to survive .. the constantly changing circumstances... This resulted in .. over the eons of evolution.. the huge.. diversity of life forms.. 

However superficially .. we... meaning.. us life forms... are all different.. but.. yet.. fundamentally related .. The unity of all living-organisms... is seen at the molecular-level.. 

📚Educational Purposes 

Resource - 📚Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry