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Continuum Elektrons
After getting the Continuum Fingerboard I was very curious of how it sounds with other synths, because it sounds so different! How does it mix? I finally got around to make a little tune with my Continuum and the Analog Keys and Rytm - just to see how they sound together. And I like it! I think the Continuum adds something truly unique to the sound. This is definitely something I will explore further. To play a melody on the Continuum to the sound of a synth with keys, I need to stay focused to stay in tune. Some sounds are so sensitive that they require hours of practise. And other sounds are easier to play. Download the song right here, or over at Soundcloud if you wanna keep it. PS. I'm also working on an Analog Keys/ Four patch pack. Some of them you can hear in this tune. Almost all of the patches are designed to be nice and responsive for keyboardists. But of course they can be sequenced on the four as well. There are about 40 patches. I'm thinking of releasing them as two versions. One where they are mixed as solo instruments, with full and body sounds. And another version, or perhaps a series of kits, where they are designed to have a specific role in the mix, cutting away frequences, adding frequencies to fit better together. More soon. Cheers CUCKOO
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